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proc surveymeans confidence interval

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proc surveymeans confidence interval

I've the following code. I'm stratifying by race/ethnicity. The combined sample size is around 1500. Race stratum sample sizes are as small as 32 and as large as 400. Problem is, I'm getting the following:

race unknown (n=32): ratio and CL: 91.4% +/- 12.3% immunization coverage for DTP
race unknown (n=32); ratio and CL: 87.5%=/- 12.0% for Polio

If a child is vaccinated at 3 mo for DTP, they are given a '1'; otherwise, they are given a '0'. Same with Polio.
Records is the number of people in that particular stratum (race/ethnicity).

Why does the % exceed 100 for some but not all of the values??

proc surveymeans data=sample ratio clm nobs;
var 3moDTP 3moPolio 3moVar records;
format &by &by.f.;
by &by; %*--- by statement requests analysis by race/ethincity;
ratio 3moDTP 3moPolio 3moVar
/ records; %*--- ratio statement requests analysis for proportions (iz coverage);
strata pub_priv;* --- strata statement identifies strata in a stratified sample design;
cluster num; %*--- cluster statement identifies clusters in a clustered sample design;
%*--- only print output datasets from ods if in testing mode.;
ods output ratio=EKRSoutput1; %*--- ods output ratio statement produces a sas
data set with proportions and relevant statistics;
%*--- calculate 95% confidence intervals.;
data sampleoutput;
set sampleoutput;
drop denominatorname stderr n lowercl uppercl;
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