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proc survey select

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proc survey select

HI i have a table with all my customers and customer attributes. The table only contains one customer per row. So no duplicates. From this group of customers I wany four groups that are representibe of my base and mutually exclusive. I am running the below code

proc surveyselect data=base

out =groups

methos =srs

samprate =0.07

seed = 1452

rep= 4;

strata gender cust_seg;


when i run the above code I get four groups but a customer in group one could also be in group 3.does anyone know I can make the groups mutually exclusive


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Re: proc survey select

The REPlicate option generates independent samples so may have the same record in more than one replicate.

Some options would be to add another stratification variable if the 4 groups should have some desired feature in common such as industry or geographical region. OR cluster

Or create larger sample and then assign groups later in a data step with something like:

group = mod(_n_,4);

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