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proc summary regional hierarchy

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proc summary regional hierarchy

Hi everyone,


I'm having an issue with proc summary in SAS 9.4. My code is:


proc summary nway completetypes;
 class product_group product_id region district sales_channel status;
 var count premium age_policyholder_analysis_date_G duration_G;
 output out=project.test1
 sum(premium muzi zeny)=sum_premium muzi zeny
 mean(age_policyholder_analysis_date_G duration_G)=mean_age  mean_duration;

I'm trying to create an "aggregation" but the problem is when using completetypes statement. I get combination of each variables - also combination of "region" and "district" variables which makes no sense because for example distrct "Bratislava" doesn't exist in region "Banskobystrický" (see attached screenshot).


But when I do not use completetypes statement I don't get missing sums (in district "Brezno" for example) which I need.


Is there a way to use some sort of regional hierarchy or something?


Thank you.

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Re: proc summary regional hierarchy

What about eliminating REGION from your summary? You can later join it back in by means of a lookup table or a format that maps regions to districts. Same could apply to the product_group-porduct_id hierarchy.


Hope this helps,

- Jan.

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Re: proc summary regional hierarchy

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Yes. It's interesting and simple solution. I'm working on it right now.


I really appreciate your help.

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Re: proc summary regional hierarchy

If you need specific combinations you can use CLASSDATA to specify the levels you're interested in, using PROC MEANS. 

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