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proc metalib?

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proc metalib?

Can anyone help me use this procedure?

I am trying to replace a dataset on a metdata library with a dataset currently in the work directory. They have the same fields but will have slightly different number of rows.

Sounds simple but I can't do it using a simple datastep, it says I don't have permission and I should use a proc metalib. Message was edited by: cstanyer
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Re: proc metalib?

SAS support site - Google advanced search argument below generates several matching documents for review/consideration:

"proc metalib"

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Re: proc metalib?

From what you describe I don't think Proc Metalib is what you're aiming for.

Proc Metalib synchronises physical SAS tables with Metadata definitions for SAS tables.

Metadata contains only data about data - in the case of a SAS table the metadata would be things like: In what library is the table, what variables with what formats, informats,... are in it, etc.

Therefore something like a "dataset on a metadata library" can't be; there is only a metadata table definition pointing to a physical SAS table.

As long as you can access the physical SAS table directly (libname myds 'path where target SAS table is stored'Smiley Wink you can ignore the metadata at all for what you want to do.

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