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proc import csv files with NaN in data

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proc import csv files with NaN in data


I was trying to import a csv data set using proc import. My csv file contains numbers and some NaNs.

However whenever there is a NaN in the first column of a row, SAS will issue a NOTE and write it as a missing value ' . '.

In this case, only the NaN in the first column are read as ' . ' and the rest NaN are NaN in the SAS output.

I wonder if there is way to have all NaN from the original file displayed uniformly as NaN or ' . '? Perhaps also have proc import stopping issue NOTE?

I would appreciate your help and comment.

Thank you.


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proc import csv files with NaN in data


If NaN are simply characters that are in some fields that are otherwise numeric, I think your easiest solution would be to grab the code that proc import creates and simply modify it so that you are reading the field(s) as characters.

I nice artice on that topic can be found at:

The article contains step-by-step instructions for accomplishing such a task.  That will also get rid of the notes.


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