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proc gplot symbol statement

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proc gplot symbol statement

Hi All,

I am trying to plot a graph using gplot with area vs date. And I have two categories in area, they being ‘Inside Range’ and ‘Outside Range’.

I have got two symbol statement like the following:
symbol1 v=dot h=0.75 c=green; symbol2 v=dot h=0.75 c=red;

Now my data is a mix of area and sorted according to date. The x axis represents the date in the ascending order. But I want my data to be joined like the run chart but have different colours for Inside & Outside Range.

IF I individually add the i=join statement in both symbols, it connects all the data that are inside range separately to all the data which belong to the category of outside range.

Is there anyway where I can have one continous connection of all the points, regardless if it belongs to the category of inside range or outside range. The only way I want to differentiate the above categories is by colour?
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Re: proc gplot symbol statement

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It would help if you show the code you are using.

Assuming I understand your words properly, I think what you want is:

plot area*date=category;
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Re: proc gplot symbol statement

yes sorry that's exactly what I want.

Here is my code so far:

Goptions ftitle = swiss ftext = zapf ;
symbol1 v=dot h=0.75 c=green; symbol2 v=dot h=0.75 c=red;
proc gplot data = data;
plot area*printdate = range /vaxis=axis1 haxis = axis2
href='25Nov10'd chref=lightblue lh=4;
axis1 label=(a=90 'Mean Area');
axis2 label=('Print Date');
title2 h=1.5 c=blue 'Area Vs Date (All Data)';
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