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proc glm for two way anova

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proc glm for two way anova


I recently started using proc glm. I want to do 2 way anova with proc glm while using contrast statement.

Though i specified the another variable in class,model and means statement, how can I get my results by the class of second variable,

e.g. previously i did the anova for 1 month against rest, but i want to do it product wise in for each month.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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Re: proc glm for two way anova

Hi - I am moving your question to our SAS Procedures support community for you so they can help answer your question.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


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Re: proc glm for two way anova


Can you please show the code you are currently using, along with a more compete description of the data and how it is arranged.  I suspect that you have a repeated measures design, and a simple two-way ANOVA in PROC GLM could end up giving you incorrect values.

Steve Denham

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