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proc freq format output

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proc freq format output

Hi SAS community,

I would like to format the proc format output. How do I get SAS to display the percent values rounded to 1 decimal?  Can I add custom formats as well, specifically parentheses around the percent value?  For example, ColPer = 55.25.  I would like the output to read (55.3).


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Re: proc freq format output

Look into proc tabulate instead and then the answer is yes.

You can with Proc Freq, but its much more difficult.

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Re: proc freq format output

Look in

for similar discussion.

There is some difference whether you are doing one-way or cross-tabs as to approach if you must use Freq.

Tabulate or possibly Proc report may be better bets though.

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Re: proc freq format output

proc format;
picture fmt
 low-high='09.9)' (prefix='(') ;
proc freq data=sashelp.class noprint;
table sex/out=want;
data want;
 set want;
 format PERCENT fmt8.;
proc print;run;

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