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proc format 'other' value

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proc format 'other' value

I tried to format a numeric variable into two categories. But when I ran the frequencies for it, the program treated 'OTHER' missing. Here is my syntax:

proc format;

    value $process


   OTHER='Not finished';

   value outcome


   OTHER='Not participating';


proc freq;

    format var_process $process.;

    format general_outcome outcome.;

    tables general_outcome*var_process;


For general_outcome, only 'Done' was tabulated. When missing values were included, 'Not participating' was tabulated

Has anyone experienced this?

Thank you!

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Re: proc format 'other' value

By default, missing values are tallied separately by PROC FREQ.  If you want them as part of the table, add the MISSING option:

tables general_outcome * var_process / missing;

The addition of a FORMAT statement doesn't affect the process.

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Re: proc format 'other' value

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Thank you.

But since I set 'OTHER' values as 'Not participating', there is no missing values in my data. Only two values include 'Done' and 'Not participating' (value outcome 1-2='Done' OTHER='Not participating';). The problem is SAS treated 'OTHER' values as missing while it should treat other values as 'Not participating'.

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Re: proc format 'other' value

No, that's not quite right.  Adding a format does not change what is in your data.  Not in any way.  You still have missing values in your data.

Adding a format changes what characters print, instead of printing the actual values in your data.

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