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proc export problem

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proc export problem

Hi SAS experts,

I want to export a sas dataset into excel and it looks something like this:


NAME               ID               COMMENTS                                             TIMESTAMP

Heather             123             Heather likes oranges.                              08MAY2013:00:00:00.0000

                                           Doesn't like apples. <<notice the new line

Jonathan           456             John likes grapes. Doesn't like pears          08MAY2013:00:00:00.0000


proc export data=comments outfile="...."




But because of the new line, 'Doesn't like apples' became another NAME. I tried finding ways to read past a new line but most methods could only be applied to importing a dataset.

Is there a way to read past the new line for proc export?

Thanks in advance!


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Re: proc export problem

What does the SAS data set look like exactly? 

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Re: proc export problem

You say CSV but then Excel, those are two different formats.

CSV is a comma delimited file so your output would be as below. CSV would not have a way to differentiate lines.

Heather,             123,             Heather likes oranges. Doesn't Like apples. ,                             08MAY2013:00:00:00.0000

Are you trying to create an excel file or a CSV file?

In that excel file for the second row, are you expecting a second set of cells or the cell for comments to have 2 lines?

These are different solutions with different approaches...the first is much easier.

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Re: proc export problem

For a cell in an export xls file to have a return you would need to embed the character for it.  In the same way as you would embed RTF code directly into text to get layout functionality.  I doubt also that proc export would be sufficient for that task.  I would suggest moving to ods tagsets.excelxp.   I couldn't see the split char at a quick glance and am leaving now.

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Re: proc export problem

I'm willing to bet your original data has all sorts of tabs and line feed or carriage return/line feed characters (user pressed the Enter key depending on OS).

You'll need to clean your data and replace them with a space

BTW, exporting to CSV you likely need to check your data for folks entering mismatched single or double quotes as well.

I have cleaned literally thousands of comments entered by folks and these are very common issues.

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