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proc contents

What does PROC CONTENTS provide?
a) Shows the contents of a SAS data set and prints the directory of the SAS library. 
b) Shows the contents of a SAS data set and manage libraries.
c) Shows the data portion of a SAS data set.


All of the above

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Re: proc contents

The answer is Option (a).

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Re: proc contents

Yeah. I vote for  A  either.

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Re: proc contents

I'd say none of the above.

To show the contents of a dataset, I'd need to do a proc print or proc sql select *.

proc contents reveals information about the metadata of a SAS dataset (and can produce a directory listing)

The question should be rephrased if meant for an international audience.

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Re: proc contents

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@KurtBremser agreed. And what does "...prints the directory of the SAS library" even mean? Sounds more like they try to describe PROC DATASETS.

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