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Hi I have the data like this no.of customers in 2006,07..........
month 2006 2007 2008 2009
jan 1500 800 1250
feb 2100 1350 1560
mar 2700 1900 1870
apr 3300 2450 2180
may 3900 3000 2490
jun 4500 3550 2800
jul 5100 4100 3110
aug 5700 4650 3420
sep 6300 5200 3730
oct 6900 5750
nov 7500 6300
dec 8100 6850

what is the simple way to forecast the figures for 2008 Oct,nov,dec and for entire 2009 sales.

Thanks in Advance,
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Re: prediction

Hi, Can any one Help me.
I need in deed.
My working environment Windows, sas/base,sas/stat,sas/report
Thanks in advance


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Re: prediction

I'm absolutely no forecast guy, but I believe that functionality in SAS/ETS is needed for forecasting purposes. Search information in the on-line doc, samples and papers etc on support

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Re: prediction

Hi sams.,

Actually i don't know Time serious analysis...but i tried...i got some values.,
please verify it hope its help u get exact values.....

u r using SAS/Base....

first read the table and convert it as a data set.
and go to solutions-->analysis-->Time serious Forecasting system.

from here follow the instructions wizard.....

i got the values for year 2008 and 2009 are from oct.........

for 2008 oct, nov and dec... 4040 4350 4660
for 2009-----4970 5280 5590 5900 6210 6520 6830 7140 7450.....
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Re: prediction

Posted in reply to venkatesh
Hi Venkatesh,
Thank you for your help.
Unfortunatly it unable to meet the sold values.
for instance in 2008 they recorded as
oct 6543
nov 8826
dec 4906
jan 1323

i will be very greatful, If you could come-up with another solution.

Thanks a lot for your time dude.
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Re: prediction

If you intend to use Time Series Forecasting system, here is good starting point I believe.

The key-word search for "Time Series Forecasting system" gives me approximate 600 hits, you must be able find the information needed there. Then you might consider posting in the SAS Forecasting forum were you have a better chance that a Forecasting person can help you out.

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