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page break using proc report

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page break using proc report

I have 100 observations in data set and i want to prepare a listing for this data set using proc report .I want a page break for 10 or 20 observations for each page .How can i break the page for 10 or 20 observations using proc report ( in pdf output using ods )?

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Re: page break using proc report

The SAS support website has SAS hosted documentation and supplemental technical conference (SGF and SUGI) papers. I used the website SEARCH facility and found this conference paper which reference on using BREAK with the PAGE option.

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Beyond the Basics: Advanced PROC REPORT Tips and Tricks
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Compute Block Basics – Part I Tutorial
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Re: page break using proc report

Basically, PROC REPORT needs a GROUP or ORDER variable that represents the place where break processing should occur. So you can either create your own "fake" page break variable or you could use a BY statement (every BY group starts a new page) or you could use the obs= option, as shown in this forum posting:㵌
(this person wanted to suppress page numbers on the first page of the report, but the same OBS= and FIRSTOBS= technique would also work for what you want.

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