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output scroll

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output scroll

Hello everyone,

when I use proc print in SAS,the result doesn't show as I want, the column go the another row because the width limit of output screen.

I wonder is that possible there was a scroll bar under bottom of the output so we can drag the button to see the whole obs

Here is exampleSmiley SadI want them in only one row for each obs,and there was a scroll button under the screen for the view )

ods _all_ close;

ods listing;

proc print data=sashelp.zipcode(obs=1);



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Re: output scroll

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Listing has a character limit for length of 256 characters if you use the system option linesize=max. Listing is really intended for use with printer type output with physical limits.

Use HTML if you need the data on one line and exceeds that number of characters and can have the scrollbar from the browser.

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