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navigation webpage


i use the code -
ods rtf;
proc plot data = review1 vpercent=50 hpercent=50;
plot Z*(X Y T Y U);
ods rtf close;

when i open the word then a navigation webpage gets opened as well in SAS 9.2 which i dont want. any change in coe that u could suggets?

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Re: navigation webpage

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I don't know what you mean by "navigation web page". Are you using SAS Enterprise Guide? Are you using SAS Display Manager? In a previous posting, it was recommended that you use the FILE= option to explicitly provide a name for your RTF file.

It is possible that you are referring to a popup window that sometimes occurs with ODS RTF, when the Windows system prompts you about whether you want to open or save the RTF (and/or PDF) file, as described in this Tech Support note:

If you do NOT mean that popup window as described above, and if you are possibly using SAS Enterprise Guide, which will create an HTML output file for you automatically, one possible thing to try would be to do this:
** close all destinations, including the one opened by EG;
ods _all_ close;

** open the RTF destination using an explicit file name;
ods rtf file='c:\temp\myplot.rtf';
...your code...
ods rtf close;


In addition, I would suggest that, if you have SAS/GRAPH available to you, that you use the high-resolution PROC GPLOT, instead of PROC PLOT for the creation of your graphic output.

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