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missing file when opening a spreadsheet

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missing file when opening a spreadsheet

I have a curious problem

I've created a spreadsheet using proc report put the output into a folder.


ods html body d:\folder\name.xls;

I can open the resulting spreadsheet but when I try to email it to someone I get a window

Problems during load
Missing file: ...utlook\GRZ216\folder\sheet001.htm
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Re: missing file when opening a spreadsheet

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Suggest you open the document with a text-editor and find/search for the problem link (in your original post). This info will tell you what reference is generated by SAS. I expect SAS is generating HTML-formatted output as part of your program which is being stored as an HTML document (without any specific http:// reference) and therefore the default-location resolved is the same place as the location of the Outlook "temp" attachment.

Then come back and reply to your post with (COPY/PASTE) of your SAS log output including the ODS and PROC REPORT code/diagnostic messages that SAS generated.

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc.
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