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macro error

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macro error

running the same macro twice with different arguments and when sas starts executing the second macro  i am  getting this  below:

ERROR: You cannot open for output access with member-level control because is in use by you

in resource environment Program

any idea what might be causing this guys?

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Re: macro error


can you give us the code?

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Re: macro error

It sounds like your macro opens the data set, but then fails to close it once it is no longer needed.  So the second run tries to open a data set that is already open.

You'll have to inspect the macro to see where this happens, and add the closing logic at the right spot.

Good luck.

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Re: macro error

Are you using SAS EG by any chance? If so then make sure that under "Options/Results General" you untick box "Automatically open data or results when generated".

What could happen: Your macro wants to create/write to the same table twice but the table gets opened (and locked) after the first time you touch it.

I also would untick "Options/Data General/Automatically open data when added to project"

And under "Options/SAS Programs" have a tick in "close all open data before running code"

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Re: macro error

yes it is EG and  i changed the settings as per your instructions but still same errors. I also checked with other co-workers.They have the same options checked and they can run the code with no errors. It is exactly the same code. When i run the macro separately it works just fine

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