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loop with substr function

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loop with substr function


I am trying to create a dataset from an existing dataset.

The current dataset has a variable called id_code. The id_code is a string of length 10 characters. I need to extract the 2 left most characters and based on whether it is a 01 assign "temp" and if 02 assign "non-temp".

I have to repeat this process till the end of the dataset that has around 350 observations.

Could anyone help me with the code for this.

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Re: loop with substr function

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This is basic DATA step IF THEN ; logic.

Have a look at the SAS-hosted DOC and supplemental references on their SAS.COM support website - links revealed with search below. Then come back to the forum again with code challenges/issues -- suggest using the SAS diagnostic code below to reveal much info:


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Recommended Google advanced search arguments, this topic/post:

data step programming introduction

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