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libname oledb access to big files

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libname oledb access to big files

I have a client that have file without extension, from DB2 server that called "BRANCH".
This file can be open with Ms-Excel.
After googling for while I access the file with this command :

libname oledbxls oledb ACCESS=READONLY provider="Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0"
properties=("data source"="c:\temp\BRANCH" "Mode"="Read")
provider_string="Excel 8.0;ReadOnly=True;HDR=yes;IMEX=1;"

This command was success completely.

But when i tried to libname some big files (700MB and 1.5GB)
i've got error like this :

ERROR: Error trying to establish connection: Unable to Initialize: System resource exceeded.

FYI : i tried on Windows XP Memory 2GB.

Is there any option to libname big files or i must use another command.
thank alot.
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