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leading zero issue

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leading zero issue

Hi ,

I have a text file with the following 3 values separated by spaces :

056746    Sr    M    

When I read this file in SAS and print the output, the leading 0 is missing. Eg: 056746 is displayed as 56746.

Can you please help me with command and syntax that will help me display the entire value(with leading zeros)

I tried various possibilities with FORMAT, but with no success. Please help asap.

Thanks for your time

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Re: leading zero issue

Use the z. format, or import the column as char.

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Re: leading zero issue

did you try

format your_variable z6.; ?

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Re: leading zero issue

Are you doing arithmetic with the first variable such as sum, mean, standard deviations? If not make it character and avoid lots of issues.

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Re: leading zero issue


Use format Z. is the best way to keep leading Zeros..

data test;

input ID first $ last $;

format id Z6.;


056746 Sr M



proc print;


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