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lack of quit statement in proc sql

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lack of quit statement in proc sql

Can any one please help me understand the disadvantages of missing a "quit;" statement at the end of my proc sql query? I know the log shows as "running" but will this be taking a lot of memory space?


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Re: lack of quit statement in proc sql

PROC SQL is an interactive Procedure. This means that you can continue executing other SQL Statement like Select or Create Table without the need to submit the Proc SQL statement again.

You MUST submit the quit; statemet to finish the sql proc. I takes a lot of memory because the proc is still in memory waiting for more SQL statements until you end the procedure with the quit; statement.


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Re: lack of quit statement in proc sql

Hi ..

Go though the below link, this question is already posted by PGstats...

Please go though,you will get good idea about why we should be write the quit, in the end of proc sql;



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