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is proc expand appropriate?

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is proc expand appropriate?

I have age-specific rates that are in 5-year age intervals that I want to interpolate to rates for single-years of age. In the past I've done this in excel. Is proc expand the correct procedure? I only see info on changing things from monthly to daily, etc and not from 5-year to 1-year rates.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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Re: is proc expand appropriate?

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Yeah. I think proc expand can do  that.

Make a year variable.





and put it in ID statement of proc expand.

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Re: is proc expand appropriate?

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Thank you, Xia, for your help.

In case anyone is wondering what I ended up doing, here is what I did. The results are very close to the data that I was getting when I did the interpolation in excel. 

/*I created an empty dataset with all the ages by 1 so that I would have the correct ages to fill in with the interpolated data:*/

data padded;

do age=15 to 44 by 1;




/*Then I merged that dummy data set onto my data set that had my 5-year fertility rates:*/

data pad;

  merge padded work.fert_rates_2012;

  by age;


/*Then this is the expand options that I used. The convert has the two fertility rate variables--one for hispanic one for non-hispanic and used the age variable as the ID.*/

proc expand data=pad out=expanded method = spline(natural)


id age;

convert hisp_irate nonhisp_irate;


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