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interpreting the SAS code

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interpreting the SAS code

Hello ,

could you please guide as to what does the following code mean :

data q2vienna;
set sc.aprtarget (rename=(Flight=FlightID
sc.maytarget sc.juntarget;
TotTar = sum(FTarget,ETarget);
TotRev = sum(FRev,ERev);
keep FlightID Destination Date TotTar TotRev;

proc print data=q2vienna;
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Re: interpreting the SAS code

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First, there is a SAS DATA step - one that is creating a new file (DATA statement) by inputting multiple SAS files (SET statement), one having variables RENAMEd). Two new SAS variables are computed in assignment statements using the SUM function. Lastly, the KEEP statements tells the SAS system specifically what variables / columns to output to the file specified on the DATA statement.

The DATA step is followed by a SAS PROC step, executing the PRINT procedure, printing all SAS variables in the file WORK.q2vienna.

Scott Barry
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