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independance test-2 quantitatives variables

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independance test-2 quantitatives variables

Hi all

I wanna do a test seeing if my two quantitatives variables are independant or not.
The regression straight equation is alpha+beta*x=y.
The null hypothesis H0 states : Beta equals zero.

How to translate that into SAS ?

I would like to use the PROC REG or PROC GLM.

Thank you
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Re: independance test-2 quantitatives variables

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In REG or GLM, x is the independent variable and y is the dependent variable. The model tests the hypothesis that the x variable is linearly predictive of the y variable.

This can be looked at as a test of linear independence, but it is not a test of general independence; it's not sensitive to some non-linear relationships in the data.

CORR will look at monotonic relationships (in the Spearman or Kendall's statistics), but it will still miss a "bathtub" relationship.

So, do graphs to look at your data too.

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Re: independance test-2 quantitatives variables

Basically what I have to do is to test if 2 variables are independant or not.
Gonna study your answers.
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