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if then macro

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if then macro

Hi here is my code snippet not sure why its bugging out. Seems not to like the in command

%macro mylist(dataset,code);

data &dataset;
set &dataset;

%if &code= "ted" and date>="03May1993"d %then D=1;
%if &code in ("ann", "joe", "fred") and date>="01Jan1988"d %then D=1;

Thanks for your help

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Re: if then macro

SAS Version? Current MINOPERATOR value?

You probably don't actually want a macro IF from context. It appears that your date variable is from &dataset which means the MACRO IF doesn't know where to get values of date and is going to be treating it as text.

Try: if  "&code" in ... then D=1;  This assumes that code will have a value of ann or joe or similar when you call the macro.

Similarly you probably want: if "&code" = "ted" and ... then D=1;

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Re: if then macro

Your macro %If , should be a data step then your &code macro var needs to be wrapped in quotes....

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