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huge data sets

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huge data sets


We have  a very limited SASData space in our company. So we generally download tables that we create for our analysis. However after a while updating  analysis we have to upload our data to SAS enviroment again. However because these tables ara huge in size, is there a way to only upload coloumns which i need  for my analysis.

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Re: huge data sets

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To get things straight:

You have server space with SAS data.

You download tables and run analyses locally.

When finished, you need to upload the results back into server space.

- do you create new tables in server space, or do you need to update some columns in existing server tables?

- do you have a server SAS installation and local SAS installations, or is the server just filespace? Or do you use some other (non-SAS) software for local analysis?

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Re: huge data sets

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Depending on HOW you are moving the SAS datasets around you can usually use a dataset option of Keep or Drop to specify the variables in the resulting data set.

VERY simple example:

Data mylib.class;

     set Sashelp.class (keep=sex age weight);


only keeps the three listed variables in the output data set.

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