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how to analyze matched case control data -

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how to analyze matched case control data -

Any guidance as to how to statistical analyze matched case control data which includes a dataset which has survey responses from people who went through the program (cases) and controls (did not attend program). Any guidance would be helpful as to which statistical analysis would be useful to determine if the program actual improved responses in cases vs controls.

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Re: how to analyze matched case control data -

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If these are 1:1 matches, the traditional approach is to do a paired analysis for univariate (either a paired t-test, McNemar's test, or one of the non-parametric tests that PROC UNIVARIATE produces).  If you are doing modelling, you could use the difference score as the outcome.

If these are many:1 matches (as you might see with propensity score matching), then people often break the match for analysis.  You lose some statistical power in doing that, but you have a much simpler job in the analysis phase.  You could even use the propensity score as a covariate (there is a large literature on the do's and don't's here).

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