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help using except operator

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help using except operator

Hi All,
I will be very grateful, if any one can help me.
i am trying to output dataset test: variables that are in table A not in table B
here 2 situations
1. all variable ids are same in table A and table B
2. all variable ids in table A are not equal to table B ( i know we can perform the filtering only on the same variable ids)
here is my code

proc sql;
create table test1 as select * from TABLE A as t1
select * from table B as t2,
on t1.lastname=t2.lastname and t1.dob=t2.dob;

I am unable to find where am going wrong
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Re: help using except operator

maybe you have columns in different orders. maybe something else.
Reading the manual on line helps select the relevant section "set operators", just by searching from this page for "sql except operator" in "product documentation".
I found "corresponding". It also shows that you don't use the "ON " syntax of a join.
Have a look at the examples yourself.
And next time, please post the ERROR: messages.

good luck
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