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help on proc quantreg

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help on proc quantreg

I am using 'proc quantreg' to explore a dataset, looking for potential ceilings /floors in x-y space. I have the procedure running, but I need some output that tells me whether a specific quantile if significant or not... like a p-value. The last time I did quantile regression was in R, but with a much smaller dataset and before I got into SAS. Can someone tell me how to get that kind of output from SAS? here is the code that I am submitting (the temp_out output set only contains the input data).

proc quantreg data= phase3.centralappalachian_sort;
model Spec_Insec = SEP_MED
/ quantile = 0.05 to 0.95 by 0.05 plots=quantplot);
output out=temp_out;

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Re: help on proc quantreg

Suggest you re-post in the SAS Statistical Procedures forum.

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