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handle missing date in proc sql

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handle missing date in proc sql

I'm not sure if there is somehting wrong with the code, but I need to omit if date is missing.  I am using this code, and getting an error.

((LN2.close_reason in 'AB','AM','AO','AC','AR') and ln_close_dt ne .)

ERROR: Teradata prepare: Syntax error: expected something between 'ne' and '.'.

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Re: handle missing date in proc sql

Try: LN2.close_reason in ('AB','AM','AO','AC','AR') and ln_close_dt is not NULL

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Re: handle missing date in proc sql

Teradata is a RDBMS conforming SQL approaches.   The missing approach doesn't exist instead there is a 3 value logic Three-valued logic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The NULL is logically not the same as the SAS missing although they are technically mapped. The NULL value is an indicator the field is technically missing caused by eg joins.

Dates within Teradata are stored in a different format. They are stored in binary format but are not as a continues flow (day after day) instead they are using the readable decimal numbers after a conversion for that.
That is making working with dates using Teradata/SAS intergration very surprising. It is not the same as you were working in a only SAS environment. 

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