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group order in proc boxplot

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group order in proc boxplot

Simple proc boxplot for box dataset:

proc boxplot box=tstbox3;
plot (score1)*qtr / cframe = vligb
cboxes = dagr
cboxfill = ywh;
insetgroup mean q1 q3 / header = 'Stats by Qtr'
cfill = ywh;


outputs all groups (qtr) in order on haxis except first group, which is on far right. Box dataset was not created in earlier proc boxplot, rather was created by revising proc summary output. However, variable names, etc. are according to outbox dataset examples. Any ideas what to do?
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Re: group order in proc boxplot

In looking at this further, I see that plots are ordered correctly, but horizontal axis labels are all shifted one plot to the left, with the label for the first group under the last group plot. This did not occur when I substituted numeric values in grouping variable. I submitted this problem to tech support.
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