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gls regression problem

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gls regression problem

i am currently doing a recreation study of the file i have uploaded but i am doing the study for the 1990s

and i am having issues coming up with similar results to their initial gls regression for teen employment rate and current and lagged minimum wage variables

as of now i have this

proc calis data= five METHOD=GLS;

lineqs teen_emp= MW +lag(MW) +adult_unemployment_rate + teenage_portion_of_population + e;


ive been working on this for days now and can't seem to figure out how to do this correctly

but their results say they estimate a regression of employment rate for teenagers on the current and lagged minimum wage variable, and controls for prime-age male unemployment rate and proportion of the population aged 16-19. the estimates are based on a GLS estimator that permits a block-diagnal covariance matrix with heteroscedistic errors across states and first-order autocorrelation in the residuals within states.....  finding the elasticity of employment with respect to change in the minimum wage to be (-.03)

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