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getting input at runtime

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getting input at runtime

Im using mainframe Z/OS for using SAS. so, can you say how to get input
at run time.
like a program who can show "Enter X" and then in the output region we can
write any number ,suppose giving '12' , then in the variable X 12 will be stored
and then whatever the input taken can be shown as Print.

as, "X=12"...
pls help me by showing a program.
as Iv seen a program but that's not working that was for Windows.
thanks and best regards......
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Re: getting input at runtime

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Please clarify what you mean by "run time"? Are you referring to an interactivre terminal session, most likely TSO/ISPF session, where an individual is supplying input to your program?

With z/OS and SAS, it is possible to develop a SAS application and have that application work together with TSO/ISPF dialog services (or with native REXX language and CLIST), in the interactive mode.

I recommend reading the SAS z/OS Companion discussion (reference links pasted below). Also, you will find SAS technical and conference papers at the SAS support website for this topic.

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc.

SAS z/OS Companion - Windows and Commands in z/OS Environments

SAS Interfaces to ISPF and REXX
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Re: getting input at runtime

hi sbb,
thanks for replying.........
ya I was talking about interactive terminal session as TSO/ISPF, where
Im giving the commands like "prog" "sub" "log" .
I want to make the program in these way thus the program can take input
at the time of execution. not like the inputs taken from specific files
declared in INFILE statement.

Iv seen one program,
file stdout;
infile stdin;
put @5 `Enter X';
input x @;

all these are under a data statement like
data xyz;
and also finishing with run;
but there showing that Iv to create WORK.stdout dataset
but thats not possible in that environment,showing ACF2 violation.

for stdin showing "no logical assignment of stdin"
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Re: getting input at runtime

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If you license the SAS/AF product or the simpler SAS/FSP product, look into those alternatives.
If neither are available then look in SAS help and documentation at statements WINDOW and DISPLAY in a data step, or with % prefix for use in the macro environment.

good luck

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Re: getting input at runtime

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In a previous life, as a mainframe programmer, we used to use TSO CLISTS or REXX EXECS to prompt users for run time information on the mainframe. Sadly, that was a LONG time ago and I no longer have access to any of those examples, but I'm sure that someone at your mainframe shop will have heard of CLISTS or REXX -- almost every mainframe shop uses them.

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