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degree requirment for SAS

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degree requirment for SAS


Can any one tell me what basic qualification is required to get job in SAS ?

is it Masters in statistics or MBA finance ?


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Re: degree requirment for SAS

I think that the commonly agreed upon answer would be none of the above, but that the basic requirement is that you know how to use SAS to correctly satisfy the needs of the business where you are trying to land a job.

Certification never hurts, and higher level degrees are definite aids for getting one's foot in the door, and sometimes essential for understanding a particular area.

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Re: degree requirment for SAS

atleast Graduation  is must.If you have stats youll get much more opportunities with high package.

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Re: degree requirment for SAS

Any degree with knowledge in SAS would work. SAS Certification would be a plus.

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Re: degree requirment for SAS

The best way to answer this question is to go to the job openings page:, find some job openings, and look at the job qualifications. This will give you something to go on. Every job has different qualifications.

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degree requirment for SAS

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Here is another link to job postings utilizing SAS Software:

As other have said typically for a entry level programming position degree is not necessarily important or even required (however it would certainly be best to have a formal degree).  In general a entry level position would want to see a degree in Computer Science, Math, or a related field.  SAS Certification is also a definite bonus because it shows the employer that you have a current understanding SAS.  More advanced postition's will obviously have more specific degree/experience requirements based on what exactly the position is meant to do.

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