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db2dbug option writes nothing in Log

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db2dbug option writes nothing in Log

Hi everyone,

I often work with SQL pass-through to DB2. The SQL's contain usually a lot of macro variables.

The SAS System option DB2DBUG was very helpful to show (in the log) what exactly is passed to DB2. All macro variables were resolved and you could actually copy&paste the statement into some query tool outside SAS.

As with version 9.2 that we run for some months, the system option DB2DBUG does not react anymore. Nothing is written to the log.

Our DB2 lies on z/OS and it does not matter, if I conntect to z/OS via PC SAS, EnterpriseGuide4.3 or if I work directly on z/OS (Batch or online) - nothing is being written to the log.

I could force some log-entries using   options sastrace=',,,d'   but that's not really what the option was invented for.

Has anyone an idea how to bring DB2DBUG back to work?

Thank you for your ideas

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