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data set does not exist?

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data set does not exist?

Whats happening, why does it say the data set does not exist when it just created it! heres what the log says...

NOTE: 181490 records were read from the infile


The minimum record length was 57.
The maximum record length was 58.

NOTE: The data set WORK.GBP_USD_THIRD_QUARTER_2000 has 181490 observations and 6 variables.

NOTE: DATA statement used (Total process time):
real time 0.58 seconds
cpu time 0.59 seconds

296 %MakeBidAskAvg;
ERROR: File GBP_USD_Third_Quarter_2000 does not exist.

WARNING: The variable date in the DROP, KEEP, or RENAME list has never been referenced.

NOTE: The SAS System stopped processing this step because of errors.
WARNING: The data set WORK.GBP_USD_THIRD_QUARTER_2000_AVG may be incomplete. When this step was
stopped there were 0 observations and 1 variables.

WARNING: Data set WORK.GBP_USD_THIRD_QUARTER_2000_AVG was not replaced because this step was
NOTE: DATA statement used (Total process time):
real time 0.00 seconds
cpu time 0.00 seconds

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Re: data set does not exist?

Doesn't the log say "file ... does not exist"? You created a SAS dataset. The error message however seems to refer to an input file. Generally, it's always helpful if you post some of the relevant SAS code as well.
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Re: data set does not exist?

I skeptic your sas temp library is TEMP.
Are you try to use work.GBP_USD_Third_Quarter_2000 for %MakeBidAskAvg

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