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create new favorite folder

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create new favorite folder

Hello All,

When I create a new favorite folder in SAS ,after I close the SAS section and re-open SAS,the new favor folder will disappear,

How to create a favorite folder permernently?



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Re: create new favorite folder


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Re: create new favorite folder


I followed the direction to create a favorite folder and my folder did not disappear after I re- open SAS:

Using Search Folders and Favorites Folders

Search folders (new with SAS 9.3) are represented by the following icon: Icon for search folder icon (folder with magnifying glass). The Search tab in SAS Management Console, which is also new with SAS 9.3, enables users to search for metadata objects based on object names, locations, descriptions, object types, creation or modification dates, keywords, and responsibilities. After performing a search, click the Save button on the Search tab to specify a folder and location in which to store the search criteria. Opening a search folder causes the search to be rerun and updated search results to appear.

Favorites folders (new with SAS 9.3) are represented by the following icon: Icon for Favorites folder (folder with blue star). Favorites folders enable users to store references to often-used metadata objects. To create a Favorites folder, right-click a folder in the SAS Folders tree (for example, your personal folder), select Newthen selectFavorites Folder, and specify a folder name. Users can further organize favorites by selecting New Favorites Group when a Favorites folder is selected. To store a favorite, right-click the Favorites folder (or Favorites group), select Add Favorite, and navigate to the object that you want to reference.

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