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copying formats

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copying formats

Hi Dear
I am using (SAS Release Software 9.2 (TS2M3) believing latest version.

When I use the below stamtent/s

libname flexlib 'C:\PROJECTS\flex';
proc copy in=flexlib out=work;

It copied all the datasets except format. Do I have to installed any patch to fix this issue.

I tried may ways : proc datasets as well. but it copied everything except formats..

When I check the folder C:\PROJECTS\flex, I see the format : formats.sas7bcat

When I use the previous verion SAS : Software 9.2 (TS2M0) , I didn't have any problem like this.

Thanks so much for your help in advance.

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Re: copying formats

Hello lnp,

I think that the reason is that normal SAS dataset file has the sas7bdat extension which is different from sas7bcat that format has.

In general you can rename file extension of your format file before copying it but it is not a good idea if you have a lot of format files...

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Re: copying formats

Have a look at the SAS DOC on PROC COPY uses. Also, consider using PROC CATALOG.

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc.

Suggested Google advanced search argument, this topic / post:

copy sas catalog

proc catalog
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