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converting .ssd04 to .sas7bdat

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converting .ssd04 to .sas7bdat

Hi Folks,

I have an old SAS data file with extension of .ssd04. How could I convert it to .sas7bdat? I am using UNIX SAS on AIX 5.3 (AIX 64) platfom. SAS version is 9.2 (TS2M0) release. Thanks.

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Re: converting .ssd04 to .sas7bdat

Here's some SAS-hosted UNIX "companion" DOC on the topic:

Try placing the file in a directory and attempt to read it from your SAS session.

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Re: converting .ssd04 to .sas7bdat

The Unix companion does not cover this. You may be able to find help under the SAS migration topic:

.ssd04 is from Compaq's digital Unix OS (which wasn't around very long).

If PROC MIGRATE won't handle it, you may be able to do it with Stat/Transfer, or if you can find it, and old copy of DBMS/Copy.

Doc Muhlbaier
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