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change row to colum of total dataset

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change row to colum of total dataset

Hello everyone,how to change a whole data set from column to row?is there any matrix method like SAS IML or any other method can do this?(please use sashelp.class as input data)

I have a data set like:

name ID score1 score2

A        1      80       60

B         2     36       85

C        3      16       28

I want the data set convert to this:

name   A   B   C

  ID       1   2   3

scoe1  80 36 16

score2 60 85 28

which means change from  row to column for whole data, you can use SAS help.class as an date set input, and for the  result all variables are character will still be ok.


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Re: change row to colum of total dataset

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No need for IML . But If you like IML check function T() .

proc transpose data=sashelp.class out=want;

var name sex age;


proc transpose data=sashelp.class out=want;

id name;


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