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cannot open data imported from SPSS

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cannot open data imported from SPSS

LIBNAME library 'c:\MySASLib';

PROC IMPORT DATAFILE = 'c:\MySPSSDir\survey.sav'

OUT = library.sassurvey



FMTLIB = library.formats;


I am experiencing SAS 9.3 at the moment.  This is the example I used to import SPSS (.sav) file to SAS.

However when I did this way, the error message appears that:

" ERROR: Unable to open the table library.sassurvey. library.sassurvey cannot be opened.

  Do you want to select a different table to open ?"

The error in the log is :

"ERROR: Format Q9_ not found or couldn't be loaded for variable Q9_."

This happened only when I specified the formats in "FMTLIB", which put SPSS formatted value in the personal library.

However without "FMTLIB", the formats would be put in "work" directory, and then I can open the data in the personal library. It seems weird.

I want to create formats in different library, because there are several SPSS files I have to import. If the formats file in the same "work" directory, when a new SPSS file imported, its format will overwrite the existing one.

Does anyone know about this, and How can I fix this problem?

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cannot open data imported from SPSS

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I don't have experience about importing SPSS file.

But do you try to use wizard of import .  File -> Import Data-> .....


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