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appending data sets

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appending data sets


any one can help me to resolve my issue.

i am using proc append to append data sets. i got an error like below.

An I/O error: lock is not available for dataset. lock is held by another process.

my system is stand alone system. and there is no anitivirus . no one is using these datasets else where.

aftter 40 GB is completed then error is coming . system work space is 50GB.
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Re: appending data sets

search for the error message

and you'll find a number of possible answers.
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Re: appending data sets

I used to get similar errors while doing sorts on very large datasets, It turned out to be lack of space in the WORKSPACE area.

I think you may be incurring the same issue as the dataset size is 40GB and your workspace is 50GB. You only have an overhead of 10GB which may not be enough to carry out the process you are trying to run
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Re: appending data sets

This happens on using the append statement (using force), the dataset might get damaged and when you try to use it further the earlier process would have acquired the lock.

Could you post the code that you were trying to run before append also?
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