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accessing SAS datasets into OBIEE

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accessing SAS datasets into OBIEE

Hi All,

I want to import SAS Datasets into OBIEE and do the reporting on them. I am able to import SAS Datasets into my OBIEE physical layer successfully, using SAS DSN created using SAS ODBC drivers. All the table structures are fine in OBIEE physical layer. But when I trying to View Data, it gives me error "Base Table not found". In order to access the data we have to make an entry of SAS DAatasets into tnsnames.ora file.
As per the OBIEE guides the "Data source name" field in Connection Pool is entry from tnsnames.ora. So anybody let me know how to create a tns entry for a SAS Datasets in tnsnames.ora file.

Please let me know if anybody need any other information from my side.

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