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XML output

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XML output

I am trying to convert sas data set to xml output using proc xml. I want the label of a variable form the SAS data set  to be displayed as column heading in the xlm output. Can anyone show me the easiy way to do this for a large number of variables in the conversion from SAS data set to xml output.


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XML output

options label;

I am not sure whether it can be worked.

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XML output


I'm not sure where a "column heading in the xlm output" is going, but one example might be the XML generated by the LABEL option of proc print in:

data class ;

  set  sashelp.class ;

dob = intnx( 'year', "&sysdate"d, -age ) + ranuni( 1)*300 ;

  attrib dob label= 'date of birth' format= date11.;

run ;

ods tagsets.excelxp file= 'my_demo.xml' rs=none ;

proc print LABEL data= class ;

run ;

ods tagsets.excelxp close ;

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