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What to do with a "Ceiling Effect?"

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What to do with a "Ceiling Effect?"

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Fed lambs hay and different supplements (treatment). However, supplement was fed at a maximum rate, thus residuals not normal.

Any help would be appreciated.


Study design (lamb feeding trial): Effects of using 2 different feed ingredients (juniper and urea) in supplements fed to ewe lambs on the following dependent variables: intake (supplement, hay, and total), etc...).

  • Animal = exp. unit; each lamb has own unique ID
  • All lambs fed hay. Each lamb also fed respective treatment: 1 of 8 different feeds in a 4×2 factorial: 4 juniper levels (15, 30, 45, or 60%) and 2 urea levels (1 or 3%).
  • Focusing right now on supplement intake (SAS name = suppDMIkg)



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Re: What to do with a "Ceiling Effect?"

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You might consider providing data and code you have used so far. The picture you posted, at least in my browser is too small to read in general and I can only recognize The Univariate Procedure in the title from familiarity.


Instructions at: will show how to turn a SAS data set into data step code that can be posted here or attached as a text file to allow use to test code against your data (or a subset).

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