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Very Urgent:SAS Program Execution Error

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Very Urgent:SAS Program Execution Error

Dear All,

SAS programming logic is correct.

Some time SAS program is executed correctlly, but after some time execute SAS program, I got error messages mension below:

1). ERROR: A Lock is not available for data sets. NOTE: The SAS system stopped processing this step becuase errors.  

2). ERROR: An I/O Error has occured on file.

Wrong data processing becuase of above error messages.

Please anyone help me urgently.

Thanks in Adavance.

Best Regards,

Pankaj Bhangale

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Very Urgent:SAS Program Execution Error

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You didn't provide enough specifics regarding the problem, but the following may be relevant:

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Re: Very Urgent:SAS Program Execution Error

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This is a ERROR when the dataset is opened by another user or if your are running any query and if any another query is trigger by another person on the same dataset you may get this error,wait for some time and retrigger your code...

Try this

***unlock SAS data;

lock  work.Temp  clear;

lock <libname.sasdataset> clear


If you are running by lsf you will get one number like 7233 lock held by processer if you kill your job also some times the child will be execute in the back end ,if you are running like this check this by the number and make sure it is not harming other flow in your project...

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