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Using macro date range

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Using macro date range

proc sql;

create table pay1 as

select id, due_date

from table1


data pay2;

set pay1;

BreakDate=due_date+5 /*Example if the due_date is 05/25/2013 this variable returns 05/30/13*/


My question is, I use macro that automatically accounts for previous business day.  If a day falls on Sunday, the macro &pbd will assign a Monday date.  For example &pbd+5 will return an number value for 5 days after the previous business day.  I then can format it to look like an actual date.

I need to incorporate due_date and &pbd together to produce the next business days after the 5 days has elapsed.  For example if I use the formula in my program:

If the due_date=05/14/13,the BreakDate will equal 5/19/13, which is Sunday.  I want to default to Monday.  I need to use both the due_date and &pbd to accomplish this.  Or is there an easier way?  Perhaps just say if the BreakDate falls on Sunday, automatically increment to Monday?

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Re: Using macro date range

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use intnx with the 'weekday' option. But this won't account for holidays, so if yours does then its better.

intnx('weekday', '14May2013'd, 5);

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Re: Using macro date range

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how about the last logic,

If the Breakdate falls on Sunday, automatically increment to Monday.

data _null_;


if weekday(break_date)=1 then break_date=break_date+1;

put break_date date9.;


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Re: Using macro date range

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hi ,

Try this..

data want (drop =i);
informat break_date date9.;
format  break_date date9.;
do i = 1 to (3*30);
if weekday(break_date) = 1 then







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Re: Using macro date range

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It is simple by using DATA Step as follow...

data test(drop = _temp);

  format due_date break_date date9.;

  due_date = "01Jan2013"d;

  break_date = due_date + 5;

  _temp = weekday(break_date);

  if _temp = 1 then do;

     break_date = due_date + 6;


  else do;

    break_date = break_date;




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Re: Using macro date range

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What is in the macro variable &BPD ?

1) How is it formatted?  If it is formatted as DATE9. format outputs data then you can use it as a date literal in your SQL statements. For Example:  if break_date= "&BPD"d.

2) What does the value of BPD represent?  Is it one number that will apply to all observations?  If not then you need a way to get the value of BPD that is right for the current observation.  Perhaps by creating a separate table you can merge onto your data? Or a format?

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