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Using annotae dataset with G3D

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Using annotae dataset with G3D

Hi all,

I am trying to plot additional features over my surface plot by G3D procedure, however I am having problems setting the correct coordinate value.

I want an arrow to be placed at a certain location, and the whole domain is:

x=20-60 (latitude)
y=200-260 (longitude)
z=10.000-7.000 (pressure)

I am defining my x y z coordinates in the annotate dataset as the actual values in the original dataset i.e. x=20 y=200 z=10.000 (the origin) and set my xsys ysys zsys variables to "3".

However the arrow appears not in the exact x y z location but shifted with some arbitrary value in all 3 dimensions.

What can be the reason for this??

Thanks a lot.
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Re: Using annotae dataset with G3D

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You might get a quicker answer if you post your question in the SAS/Graph and ODS Graphics Forum. On the main Forums page it's the 5th forum in the list.
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Re: Using annotae dataset with G3D

ok thanks..
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