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Using Proc Compare Across Two Servers

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Using Proc Compare Across Two Servers

Hi! I need to compare the data values between two different table versions, one in 9.1.3. and another in 9.2. Both are SAS datasets. They should have the same values because we just migrated and rerun the jobs. There are a lot of tables involved, more than hundred, each containing a large number of observations. I'm done comparing the row counts between the two tables using dictionary.tables. Now, I need to check the values.

I read about proc compare and tried it in a test job using tables in a same server and answers my problem well. However, can I also use this procedure to compare my large datasets in two different servers without the hassle of sampling, upload and download? I'm using EG by the way.


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Using Proc Compare Across Two Servers

if you can "address" one server from the other you will just need an appropriate libname statement.

Otherwise, SAS/Connect or SAS/Share will enable communications from one server to the other.

Are these licensed?

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