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Use SAS to read files in a folder

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Use SAS to read files in a folder

I have a bit of an unusual request...

I have a folder on my computer that has a bunch of PDFs with very consistent file names. How can I get SAS to read those files names and file locations? I want SAS to read those file names, and based on the names, generate a subject line so that I can email them through SAS. The good news is that I already have code of how to email in SAS - I just need help with the reading of the PDF file names. I'm assuming that I'd use some loop function...

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Use SAS to read files in a folder

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Assuming your on Windows the first part of this FAQ will give you the file listing.

SAS FAQ: How do I read multiple raw data files with the same structure in one data step?

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